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Anikem Laboratories Private Limited is the leading Pharmaceutical P.C.D. Company in the country that provides various benefits and lucrative returns to its franchises and distributors. We are growing rapidly and expanding into multiple districts across India. We give our clients a monopoly franchise and work towards mutual growth and prosperity by offering the most competitive prices and widest product range in different therapeutic segments.

Why Us.

  • Exponential growth – You can attain large profits and endless growth opportunities when associated with us
  • Exclusive Rights – Our marketing distributors get exclusive rights to promote and sell our products in your region
  • Competitive Prices – We provide better than market rates for quality medicines and more affordability
  • Consistent Supply – The company is capable of supplying goods regularly without any lack of availability
  • Omnipresence – We are present over all the parts of India and provide rapid delivery channels
  • Expanding Product Portfolio – we continuously introduce new products in different specialties

Business Development Support

We take care of our distributors’ professional requirements to make their business operation seamless and allow them to play their role in expanding the company’s business. At Anikem Labs Private Limited, the business environment encourages franchises to provide their optimum efforts in expanding their business vertically and horizontally.

Brand Promotion Support

In our endeavour to meet market competition challenges, we at Anikem Laboratories Private Limited fully equip our Business Associates with the desired marketing & promotional support. We provide promotional material to empower our distributors to have the edge over competitors and promote our brands for business growth. We provide:

  • Digital Visual Aid
  • Visual Detailing Story
  • Product Glossary
  • Segment wise Product Glossary
  • Product Note
  • M.R. Bag
  • Product Literature
  • Gift Articles
  • Order Books
  • Visiting Cards
  • Doctor Reminder Card
  • Bonus Points on Every Product.



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